ODP/PDP Shoutout!!

ODP/PDP Shoutout!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our players whom have been selected for the NorCal Player Development Program (PDP) and Olympic Development Program (ODP) – a great achievement and a true recognition of hard work paying off!

The NorCal Player Development Program identifies, develops, and showcases the top motivated and talented players in Northern California.

The Cal North ODP Program aims to identify, evaluate and train highly talented male and female youth soccer players. As part of this national effort, Cal North ODP is dedicated to developing the highest level of youth soccer.

-Alex Bruneau, Charlie Votel, Christian Rios, Evan Hindman and Harlem Clemons (left to right) (MSC Clippers U11 Boys Red Team) – 2006 Boys PDP

-Madison Colley (MSC Clippers U11 Girls Red Team) – 2006 Girls PDP

-Angel Fernandez (CVM Academy U13 Boys Team) – 2004 Boys PDP

-Nate Morgan (MSC Clippers U14 Boys Red Team) – 2003 Boys ODP

-Katie Senn (MSC Clippers U14 Girls Red Team) – 2003 Girls ODP (see https://youtu.be/-TXKvHuMKUA for a great goal from Katie back when she was a U13 Clipper!)

Well done boys and girls! Keep up the good work!

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