Photo Day

2014 Photo Day Photos are Available for Pickup


When:  December 1 to 7

Who:  Coaches/Team Managers
If you have not received your photos, please contact your coach or team manager to coordinate.

Photos for the entire team taken on the Make Up Photo Day will arrive soon and will be available for pick up at a later date. An email will be sent out when they are ready for pick up.


The 2014 Photo Make-Up Day is on Sunday, November 9th at Merritt College.

Make-Up Day

If your team was unable to attend the photo time assigned and would like to reschedule, Click here. Rescheduling is limited based on available photo times, but we will do our best to accommodate.

Make-up Day for players who missed their team’s photo time or need a retake is scheduled for Sunday 11/9. Click here to sign-up.

When: Sunday, November 9th, 2014
Where: Merritt College, 12500 Campus Drive, Oakland, CA 94619


When: Saturday, October 25th, 2014, 2014 Photo Day Schedule 
Where: Merritt College, 12500 Campus Drive, Oakland, CA 94619

Make your life easier—place your order online!

Please send any other questions to Trina Chatterjee.



  • Remind your players to bring their completed order envelopes or Proof of Purchase with them on Photo Day.
  • There will be additional order envelopes available on Photo Day.
  • Check-in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled photo appointment.
  • Dress in uniform, same colors
  • Lined up in height order
  • Allow 30 minutes for photos, once your appointment has begun.
  • If you have any rescheduling needs (as a team or individual player) or questions about Photo Day, call Shooting Stars.