Montclair Soccer Club is a VOLUNTEER run community organization that serves about 1,500 players from more than 1,000 families on over 100teams.  As you can imagine, lots of volunteers are needed to provide our players and families with a high quality program filled with fun and personal development.

Volunteer Deposit

Montclair Soccer requires each family to perform at least four hours of volunteer service.  As an incentive to volunteer, Montclair Soccer assesses a refundable Volunteer Deposit of $60 from each families at registration. If your family performs at least four hours of volunteer work, your family can request a refund of the volunteer deposit. Jobs and activities that qualify for the refund are identified below. Families are required to track their volunteer hours.

Volunteer Deposit Waiver

Each family pays one Volunteer Deposit. If families have more than one player in the program, the family only pays the deposit for the first player registered. The Volunteer Deposit Waiver can be used on subsequent sibling registrations. For age groups (U5 and U6) where there is no Volunteer Deposit charged, there is no Volunteer Deposit Waiver.

Volunteer Deposit Refunds

The accounting “year” for volunteering runs from April 1 to March 31.  You can request your refund of the Volunteer Deposit when you have completed your volunteer hours but no later than the March 31st year-end date to receive your refund.  Refunds for past years will not be approved.  Once you have completed your 4 hours, please go to www.sportability.com/montclair.  Look for the link on the sidebar on the right side, “Request Refund”  Choose player refund and use the name of your player to request the refund.  If you need assistance or additional information please email the MSC Registrar at Registrar@montclairsoccerclub.org.  Please include your player’s full first and last name and age group in your email.

When you fill out your refund request, please put in the name of the  team coach name and a brief description of the volunteer activities that qualify your family for the refund.

Qualifying Volunteer Activities

Activities that qualify are listed below.  In addition to the list, activities that benefit the overall club and/or league will be counted.  Some  examples are field work days, tournaments and special calls for club volunteers.  However, activities that only benefit the team will not.  While these team activities are very important for your team, the goal is to have involvement of families with the running of the club and/or league.  Examples of things that do not count are snack coordinators, trophy coordinators, team photo takers  and end of season party coordinators for your team.

The Club is always looking for active, energetic parents to take on new roles in the Club and on the Board.  Attending Board Meetings is a great way to find out how you can get involved!  Attendance at MSC Board Meetings (business, not social) will also be recognized for volunteering credit.  Attendance at a full business meeting will qualify for 2 hours of volunteer service.

If you have any questions please email the MSC Registrar at Registrar@montclairsoccerclub.org.

Team positions include

  • One Head Coach (Registered in Sportability and Background Checked)
  • One Active Assistant Coach (Registered in Sportability and Background Checked)In order to be considered an asst. coach you must be registered on Sportability)
  • One Team Manager – The team manager position is varied and will depend upon the age level and playing level of the team.  Clippers Team Managers will be given specialized training for this position and are required to attend the mandatory Team Manager meeting.  Clippers and Recrational team managers are responsible for working with the registrar in various capacities to facilitate registration and volunteers on their teams.  Team Managers are responsible for collecting  birth certificates and sending a digital copy of the certificates and photos to the Registrar for new players to MSC.   (Registered in Sportability, Clippers Team Managers must be Background Checked)
  • Minimum of one referee. Clippers teams must have two.
  • PCA Coordinator – The PCA coordinator must have completed a PCA course.  At the beginning of the season, this person will print out a copy of the zero tolerance document that was signed electronically at registration and go over it with all of the parents and children on the team.  During the season this person will provide support to their team to make sure that the zero tolerance policy if followed.  If necessary the PCA coordinator shall contact the board if they need assistance in dealing with anyone associated with their team and/or they have witnessed behavior that they feel should be reported by anyone else at the field.

Clippers teams additionally include

  • Clipper team tournament coordinator

Club and league volunteer positions include

  • Club President
  • Club Treasurer
  • Club Webmaster
  • Jack London League Representative
  • Age Group Coordinators for each level and gender, U5 to U19
  • Referee Coordinator
  • JLYSL Disciplinary Committee Representative
  • JLYSL Tournament Coordinator
  • Picture Day Coordinator for the club, not the team.
  • Annual Dinner Coordinator
  • Field Coordinator
  • Practice Field Scheduler
  • U5, U6, U8 and U10-U19 Commissioners
  • U8 Match Secretary
  • League Age Group Match Secretary
  • Field rehabilitation coordinator
  • Opening Day U5-U6 Field Setup Volunteers

Questions?  If you need assistance or additional information please email the MSC Registrar at Registrar@montclairsoccerclub.org.  Please include your player’s full first and last name and age group in your email.