Our Coaches: The key ingredient to a successful program

Our Coaches are the backbone of our youth soccer programs. Since 2006 we have partnered with 24-7 UK Soccer Academy, a professional sports organization, to raise the quality of training that we provide to all of our players.  Originally, the 24-7 trainers were used to provide support to our volunteer coaches.  With the huge success of the program many of our competitive teams have elected to use professional coaches provided by 24-7.  Many of our parent volunteer coaches continue to co-coach with the support of 24-7.

Over the years 24-7 UK Soccer Academy has developed programs to support all of our players and coaches including:

  • Summer and Winter camps
  • Goalkeeper camps and training sessions
  • Speed and Agility training sessions
  • Friday-Night Recreational Team training sessions

We continue to encourage parents to volunteer as coaches. Kids can’t play without you. We want to support your coaching experience and we value your time. Our Director of Coaching and Age Group Coordinators are the main contacts for answering coaching questions.

Coach Training And Courses:

We provide training (Coaches Day) for all U6 and U8 coaches. Attendance at Coaches Day is required for U6 and U8 coaches. For coaches in U10 and above, training is provided through CYSA (California Youth Soccer Association) licensing courses. See our League’s Web site for more info about CYSA licensing courses and additional coaching information.

New coaches have to take their F course first. They then need to wait a year before taking their E and so on. The E/D and the D course can be taken in the same year. The calendar for coaching courses can be found on the CYSA North web site under Programs/Coaching. Courses are held in many local cities from Spring through the beginning of the Fall season.

Silent Sidelines: Let the kids play!

Each season, Jack London Youth Soccer League will ask all spectators and coaches to silence their sidelines. Spectators are asked to refrain from making comments out loud and coaches are asked to limit theirs to players who really need specific directions (such as very young or new players). Applause is always welcome if you like what you see – Applaud wildly for ALL players!

You will find that you can hear the game and appreciate it in a new way. Find out what players say to each other on the field, see young referees able to perform without the worry of adults yelling at them, and see what Julian and Jane can do on the field all by themselves. You’ll be surprised!

In the spirit of the weekend, it won’t be the referees enforcing the Silent Sidelines — only the appreciation of the players and your fellow spectators for the quiet.

Jack London YSL and MSC Boards of Directors

Coach Registration

Registration for coaches is fairly similar to registration for players. Go to the Registration section of our Web site and follow the link to begin the registration process.

Coach Resources:

U6 Info (parents and coaches)

U6 Coach’s Guide

U8 Coach’s Guide

U8 Rules Quick Reference

U10 Coach’s Guide

Contact Director of Coaching

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