Montclair Recreational Fall Soccer Registration Begins
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Clipper Teams

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Presented below is the initial list of the Clippers professional coaches. Please note depending on some variables that will not be determined until after Try Outs, there may potentially be changes.

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2017 Boys Teams Year Group Coach
U8 Development Center (3 Teams) 2010 Rob Busa, Brett Shaver & Ivy Allen-Chan
U9 Red Boys 2009 Rob Busa
U9 White Boys 2009 Francisco Munoz
U9 CDP Boys 1 2009 * Francisco Munoz
U10 Red Boys 2008 Marcus Watson
U10 White Boys 2008 Hunter LeBlanc
U10 CDP Boys 1 2008 * Marcus Watson
U10 CDP Boys 2 2008 * Marcus Watson
U11 Red Boys 2007 Mark Savvides
U11 White Boys 2007 Brett Shaver
U11  CDP Boys 1 2007 * Mark Savvides
U11 CDP Boys 2 2007 * Mark Savvides
U12 Red Boys 2006 Marcus Watson
U12 White Boys 2006 Francisco Munoz
U12 Blue Boys 2006 TBC
U12 CDP Boys 1 2006 * Francisco Mendoza
U12 CDP Boys 2 2006 * Francisco Mendoza
U13 AFC Boys 2005 Marcus Watson
U13 Red Boys 2005 Jack Pewter
U13 White Boys 2005 Gabe Morfin
U14 AFC Boys 2004 David Barrett (CV)
U14 Red Boys 2004 Hunter LeBlanc
U15 AFC Boys 2003 Ray Head
U15 Red Boys 2003 Osvaldo Dalla Buona
U15 White Boys 2003 Jack Pewter
U16 FC13 Boys Black 2002 Todd Sullivan
U16 FC13 Boys White 2002 Charlie Costello (PSC)
U17 AFC Boys 2001 Mark Savvides
U17 FC 13 Boys Black 2001 Matey Mateve (PSC)
U17 FC 13 Boys White 2001 TBC
U18 AFC Boys 2000-01 David Barrett (CV)
U19 FC13 Boys Black 1999-00 Francisco Munoz
U19 FC13 Boys White 1999-00 TBD
2017 Girls Teams Year Group Coach
U8 Development Center (1 Team) 2010 Sarah King
U9 Red Girls 2009 Mark Savvides
U9 Girls White 2009 Ivy Allen Chan
U9 Girls CDP 2009 * Ivy Allen Chan
U10 Red Girls 2008 Jack Pewter
U10 White Girls 2008 Brett Shaver
U11 Red Girls 2007 Todd Sullivan
U11 White Girls 2007 Gabe Morfin
U12 Red Girls 2006 Rob Busa
U12 White Girls 2006 Andrea Salvadei
U13 AFC Girls 2005 Andy Hulbert (CV)
U13 Red Girls 2005 Francisco Mendoza
U14 FC13 Girls Black (AFC Model) 2004 Todd Sullivan
U14 FC13 Girls White 2004 Andrea Salvadei
U15 FC13 Girls Black (AFC Model) 2003 Ray Head
U15 FC13 Girls White 2003 Brett Shaver
U16 FC13 Girls Black 2002 Sarah King
U17 FC13 Girls Black 2001 Dan Chubbock (PSC)
U17 FC13 Girls White 2001/00 Osvaldo Dalla Buona
U19 FC13 Girls White 2000-01 TBC

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