Financial Aid Program

MSC is committed to working with families to be sure every child can enjoy a soccer experience with our club. With this commitment we have developed several programs with the intention that families can find one that best fits their financial abilities and child’s ambitions. We strive to have each of our programs meet or exceed the comparable standards for similar programs found in the Bay Area.

Installment Payment Plan

To help families budget for their specific soccer program with MSC we offer the flexibility of using an installment payment plan. By going through the regular registration process you can set up this plan to pay in up to 7 installments for Competitive teams and up to 4 installments for recreational teams. This can minimize the financial impact of having to pay for a full program up-front.

Financial Aid

A  family may feel that they need  financial assistance to have their child participate. MSC has developed the following criteria for assessing Financial Need in these cases:

  • For a household with an AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) below $50,000, up to 75% financial aid is possible.
  • For a household with an AGI between $50,000 and $75,000, up to 50% financial aid is possible.
  • For a household with an AGI between $75,000 and $100,000, up to 25% financial aid is possible.

To help us assess the amount of financial support we can offer your family, we ask that you complete the Montclair Soccer Club Financial Aid Application and email it back with the required supporting documentation to our Club Financial Aid Officer at The Club Financial Aid Officer cannot make a financial aid dertermination without the supporting documentation.  We try ask the very minimum information that will help us most fairly distribute our current funds. This information is kept with the highest level of confidentiality possible with a very limited number of Club Officials reviewing each application. Generally we only need our Financial Aid Officer reviewing each application.

Click here to download the English  MSC Financial Aid Application Form.

Click here to download the Spanish  MSC Financial Aid Application Form.

Due to the limited funds budgeted we suggest that families apply as early as possible, before the close of registration.

Financial aid questions should be emailed to our Club Financial Aid Officer at