Sports Science Program

Team workshops & seminars.

sports science

Program Overview

  • A range of workshop-based sessions that can take competitive teams to the next level
  • A valuable resource for players, coaches and parents
  • 4 pillars – Physical, Technical, Tactical, Psychological
  • Program that very few clubs can offer their players
  • All sessions led by one of our team of qualified Sports Scientists with Sport & Exercise Science collegiate teaching and club coaching experience

pdfOverview of the Sports Science Program (2016-2017)

Program Offering

  • Teams choose the workshops from the session ‘menu’ offered that most suit their needs
  • Sessions are 1hr 30mins
  • All sessions include follow-up work product for player and coach use
  • All sessions can be tailored in order to cater for player age and individual team needs in a bespoke fashion
  • Some sessions are more suitable for older and more competitive teams

Sessions Available

  • Team Building
  • Team Culture and Goal-Setting
  • Player Development Plans (PDPs)
  • Imagery and Mental Rehearsal
  • Relaxation & Arousal Control
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sports Injury Prevention

Proudly Affiliated With

  • Cal North
  • National Soccer Coaches Association Of America
  • Us Soccer
  • Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League
  • California North Referee Administration
  • Norcal Premier
  • Us Youth Soccer
  • Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Us Club Soccer
  • Say Soccer