Why become a referee?

Because without referees our teams could not play soccer 20 weekends out of every year!

Montclair’s deep pool of talented referees forms the foundation upon which our club thrives! The simple fact is that each soccer game requires one to three referees to officiate. U10 and older games required USSF licensed referees. Quality referees insure the safety and enhance the quality of the game for the players and families. Games may be cancelled and/or forfeited if licensed referees are not available to officiate. We depend on volunteers to become licensed referees to support the beautiful game in our community!

All MSC teams need to fulfill a referee requirement.

U6 and U8 teams depend on volunteers to officiate matches. The requirement is informal.

All teams, U10 and above, MUST have referee(s) affiliated with their team to fulfill the required number of game credits each season for the team to play. As a member organization of the Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League (JLYSSL), MSC teams and referees follow the guidelines established by JLYSSL. For the latest information on the referee requirements for each team and the credits earned per officiated game refer to the information at http://www.jlysl.org/referees.html.

Who are they?

MSC has nearly 100 referees that officiate matches throughout the Jack London Youth Soccer League and all over Northern California through the NorCal Premier League. MSC referees are volunteers that come a broad cross-section of our community including current and former club parents, coaches, players and local high school or college players. Indiviudals who are over the age of 14 can become a USSF licensed Grade 8 or Grade 9 referee.

Grade 8 referees can officiate any JLYSSL or NorCal Premier league youth match as a Center or Assistant Referee. Training is generally comprised of five 3-hour classes, one field session and a final exam. Grade 9 referees can officiate as either a Center or Assistant Referee for U14 and younger recreational youth games. Grade 9 referees may not officiate older ages, competitive youth matches or adult matches. Grade 9 training can generally be completed in 1 day and includes a class, a field session and a final exam.

Become a referee!

ANYONE, 14 years and older, who is looking for a way to get to know the game of soccer better, connect with their child, or help out a team, club or community can become a volunteer. Short of becoming a volunteer coach – becoming a referee is the most important way that you can contribute!

  • learn more about the game
  • figure out what all of those calls are that you didn’t understand
  • get great exercise

Teens–you can become refs too!

youth referees 2013

  • develop your leadership skills
  • earn some extra money while serving your soccer community

For information on how to become a referee go to Referee Classes or contact the Club’s Referee Coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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