Registration FAQs

What is the status of my child’s registration?
For the quickest response, questions about your child’s registration status should be emailed to the Club’s registrar at

Can I still register my child to a team?
For the quickest response, questions about spaces for players or availability of teams should be emailed to the Club’s registrar at  Or check to see if your group is open or if there is a waiting list.

Is financial aid available?
If severe financial circumstances will prevent your son or daughter from playing,  visit our Financial Aid page before you begin the registration process. A very limited amount of financial aid is available.

Is there a sibling discount?
There is no sibling discount.  However, we do not charge the volunteer fee deposit per child but rather per family. Pricing for each age group will be in Sportability, the website used by MSC for player registration. 

Can I request a specific practice day or time?
If you are the head coach of the team you may request your practice day or time. These requests for coaches are on a space available basis. is the contact for coaches.  Due to the large number of players registered, we cannot place players based on requests for practice days and times unless you are a head coach.  If there are no other teams available in your age group, we will refund your fees if you are unable to make the team practice.

How do I get a refund?
Please refer to the Refund Policy page for additional information.  Contact the Club’s registrar at

There are no refunds after August 1. The exception to this would be if we cannot place your child on an appropriate team for his or her age, you will receive a full refund of any fees including late fees.

How do I request a refund of the volunteer deposit?
To request a refund of your volunteer deposit, please see Volunteers on the front page of our site.
Email the Club’s registrar at  if you would like instructions on how to request a refund.

Can my son/daughter play down an age group?
You may petition to play down an age group. You must petition the President  and copy the registrar by sending an email to and of our club who will bring your request to the monthly board meeting of Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League. JLYSSL meets the first Monday of every month, please keep this in mind when timing your requests.

The petition must include a letter from a pediatric or a developmental physician stating that your child is unable to physically and/or mentally participate in their correct age group.

Only petitions with medical reasons will be presented to the JLYSSL board. You may not petition to play down based upon grade in school, proximity to date of age group cutoff, or for reasons of playing with friends or a particular coach.

Can my son/daughter play up an age group?
You may request to have your child play up one age group. However, you must first register in your correct age group.  Once you have registered please send an email to the Registrar at with the reasons for your requests.  If you have a coach that wants your child to play up on their team, please have the coach do the same.

We will consider play up requests providing that the coach agrees and that there is room in the age group. Should the age group be full, we will not bump an age appropriate player from that group by forcing them to play up themselves. It is extremely important that you register on time in order to be considered for a play up request.  Especially in our younger age groups, we fill up very quickly.

Our standard refund policy still applies. If we are unable to grant your play up request, please note that you will not be granted a partial or full refund (depending upon the timing of the request) if we are able to place your child on another team in either age group.

Age groups are determined by the California Youth Soccer Association and not by Montclair Soccer or The Jack London Youth Soccer League.

Play up requests are not accepted for U5 or U6 players.

How are teams formed?
Team are formed under the oversight of the Age Group Coordinators according to the guidelines set forth in the Class 4 Team Formation Policy page.

What does the “U” mean in U6, U8, U10 etc.?
The ‘U” stands for “under”.  Players under the age of 6 play at the U6 level.  Those under the age of 8 play at the U8 level and so on.  The cut off date of July 31 for the age groups is not established by Montclair Soccer, it is established by our playing league associations such as CYSA, SAY Soccer and US Club soccer. Refer to the Age Matrix Calculator at to determine your child’s age group.

Registrations questions should be emailed to the Club’s registrar at